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    Mojo HD, anyone ever try stripping paint?

    Have a bike locally for sale from me, but someone painted it an awful color an did a really bad job. Has anyone had good luck stripping paint? If so, how did it come out, how did you do it, an does it weaken the carbon etc? Thanks,
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    Someone had sanded off the VitP paint before but not sure of the process. It is a few pages back in the HD build thread.

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    I wouldn't use paint stripper on it, I think hand sanding is the only option.

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    You will want to hand-wetsand it. Don't use any acetone or liquid stripper as you don't want any adverse effects with the resin. It's not necessary to sand all the way down to the carbon, but you will need to sand down to the basecoat. Prepare to put a lot of time into it

    Do you have any pics of that painted frame, or a link to it? Not that I'm interested in buying it, I just want to see it.
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    Carbo Lift will be the easiest way to remove it.
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    Thats great to know, thanks.

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