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    I present my new Ibis Hakkalugi disc - by giulio46moto

    Hello to all ! I'm Giulio and I write from Italy .
    Sorry for my English. I write with a translator !
    And ' with great pleasure that I present my latest creation !
    The search for a frame for cyclocross season started in August. After much research I could not find a means used him to do so in my case ' I started from scratch .
    The choice of the frame fell on an Ibis Hakkalugi disc that comes from the USA. A big thank you to the guys at that with a very short time I have done so have at home. They were very specific about everything and very helpful !
    The members are mostly new except for some recovery.
    I have tried hard to get a bike as light as possible and trying to keep costs down.
    For hard I was immediately directed to the hydraulic then I purchased.
    Another solution , which I have tested last year in the race, is the single crown . This year I opted for a front chainring 38 teeth Wolf Tooth ( for which I feel I have to thank the guys at Cycle RIE , even their very kind and extremely available ) .
    I leave the data sheet:

    Frame: Ibis Hakkalugi disc size 50
    Fork: Enve CX DISK
    Headset: Cane Creek aer
    Wheels: Sapim CX ray data disc hubs ( equivalent to the circus monkey ) , Chinese carbon wheels 38 cm and 23 mm throat
    Brakes: sram s700 hydraulic
    Discs : ant Ashima aro 160 , 140 aro post Ashima
    Crankset : sram red compact 22 172.5
    Crown : wolf tooth, girobulloni 110, 38 teeth
    Cassette : sram xo 10v , 11-36
    Chain: kmc x10
    Transmission: sram xo type 2 , medium cage
    Pedals: you look quartz carbon
    Stem: Extralite 100mm
    Handlebar: 3t Ergonova team
    Handlebar tape: deda cedar green
    Seatpost : 31.6 ud carbon YFY
    Saddle: fizik antares 00
    Seatpost Collar : 34.9 mt zoom
    Tubes: Schwalbe Racing Ralph 700x33
    Sleeves : alligator mini i-link

    Total Weight : 6.78 kg ( race ready )

    Today the first round with the new toy . Ready away and I walk about ten kilometers on asphalt. What, you do bring your bike really well , the feeling is almost identical to that of using a racing bike , despite the tubular cyclocross knobby .
    You enter in the dirt . Uphill pedaling very well and is pretty responsive, the single crown drives me up a bit ' everywhere and without too much trouble . Then comes the descent. The chain is tight and you feel it beat against the sheaths of the wagon , a synonym of the excellent work of the crown gear and Wolf Tooth type 2 .
    We talk about the brakes? really astounding! Braking is idencica to that of a mountain bike , just the feeling that I was hoping to find on my new bike .
    Nothing to do with any type of brake caltilever .
    Now I just have divulged too much, here are the photos of the bike and a few shots of the first test (forgive the quality of the last photo in the movement, but were made with an iphone ... ) :

    [img width=1024 height=522][/img]

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    I present my new Ibis Hakkalugi disc - by giulio46moto

    Very nice...... I really like it! Great job

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    Beautiful bike!

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    Wow, I've never really wanted a cyclocross bike before, but this one definitely makes me envious!
    I'm always looking for new people to ride with. If you are on the Front Range, shoot me a PM and let's go ridin'.

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    I have the same bike - your build is quite a bit nicer! Nice write up. So... mountain derailleur works with the Sram shifters? no mention of compatibility? I've never known that to work?
    My one says BRAP!

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    NIce ride and pics, good luck this winter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plume View Post
    I have the same bike - your build is quite a bit nicer! Nice write up. So... mountain derailleur works with the Sram shifters? no mention of compatibility? I've never known that to work?
    Isn't that nice of Sram? The pull ratios are the same with their mtb and road shifters.

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    I love the build, but I worry about the AER. I have a Hakkalugi (with a Cane Creek 110 headset) and I have a road bike with the AER. Im considering taking the AER off the road bike because it is such a constant maintenance nightmare. It either drags or 10 miles later I have headset play... and thats on a road bike. Also the "windowed" upper may be inviting dirt and water. Here in Portland as a mud race bike, I have to swap out the headset (and bottom bracket) bearing already once a year, and they are destroyed after a season.

    Great bike! I even use mine happily on the road for some rides.

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    Also, I had a lot of trouble keeping the chain on during races on the 1x10 (Shimano DA). I resorted to a pair of Ruckus Components "Cross Bash Guards" (one on each side of the chainring) in carbon to keep the chain on. None of the chain-keepers (E13, Pauls, etc) worked.

    Chainguards | Ruckus Composites

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    That's an awesome build, and obviously very well thought out. I see a lot of light/expensive components on there.

    I set up mine SS for now and love the ride. The mechanical shimano discs are very good.

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    where did you get all the custom green graphics? It looks the the ibis version of my cannondale super x disc, lots of green accents that you can't even buy anymore!

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    Sorry, I'm going to copy this build one day

    How popular is 1X10 or 11 becoming in cyclocross? I've been thinking of getting a Hakka with two sets of wheels (cross and road) and would prefer to build 1X but wondering if the bigger gap between gears might be annoying on road.

    Oh, translation is decent, but Crown should be Chainring.

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    That's awesome!
    "The more you ride your bike, the less your ass will hurt." - Surly Blog

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    That looks excellent!

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    That weight is impressive! Almost as low as some of the nicer silk road builds!

    Looks like it is ready to shred and podium, best of luck to you. Love the attention to detail.

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