I've not been a big fan of IS headsets. But after getting a chance to see a few Mojo Carbons, and some demo rides, I've come around to grudgingly accepting IS headsets as a fact of life. Lots of bikes have them now a days, not that I have to like the IS headset! Lately I've "seen the light" in regards to Chris King's headsets actually being a bit (blasphemous?) of a step down from Cane Creek's Solos and new 110 headsets. King's are indeed good, and the former standard of excellence, but the Cane Creek offerings have passed them up (perhaps a while ago, and I've only just now seen that fact.)

The very well engineered and executed "110" headset from Cane Creek is also available in an IS option soon. That is a cool option to come. I see Cane Creek has the IS-8 as well, a pretty nice headset for IS, too. But the 110 IS will be a welcome option in my book.