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    dude whats up with skateboard bearings

    kinda ghetto sounding ehh?

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    I guess where you see "ghetto" I see ubiquitous, mass produced, and therefore quite affordable. In my mind those three trump any other association.

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    On Ibis website Hans tells you why they decided to go with the common, durable bearing instead the special made, one of kind one they started with.

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    I think it's awesome that they use skateboard and headset bearings, and that they'll shortly have a tool to let you change 'em yourself, plus comprehensive instructions.

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    Pretty sure skateboards are using mtb bearings.

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    So does Intense as well as several other manufacturers. Pretty pervasive throughout the industry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freebiker View Post
    kinda ghetto sounding ehh?
    More like "Kind of stupid sounding ehh".

    Why do you accuse bike makers other than Turner to have skateboard bearings in their frame builds? You do know how good these bearings can be right? But you do know also bike makers can't typically use this type and size right and that some use (gulp) bushings? Of course you didn't because that would mean that you know something.

    Since you're not all that bright, the best bearings in the world, typically in this arrangement are the abec 5-7-9 and ceramic's. And yes it can also be in skateboards, so when you accuse someone of using skateboard bearings, they may take that as a complement. Next time you make a stupid post, learn what it is you're talking about.

    Here are some facts for you just in case you're not totally allergic to them.

    Top Ten Best Skateboard Bearings -
    ABEC Bearing Ratings
    The Truth about ABEC and Skateboard Bearings

    Now go play in traffic or something.

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    dude whats up with skateboard bearings

    When i was skating I put my skateboard bearings through way more abuse than the bearings on my mojo. If the mojo bearings hold up half as well I'll be happy.

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    They're skateboard bearings by virtue of their size. For all we know they may be used in the flap actuators of aircraft.
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