Posted this in the suspension area but wanted to get some advice from HD owners. Does the HD climb the steep stuff fairly well with a 170 mm fork up front?

I know there are a couple of similar threads out there but I wanted some fresh advice. I need a fork for my ibis HD (just put a CCDB Air in the rear). I've got a Marz 55 RC3 V2 Evo Ti ordered but I'm beginning to have doubts about the future of the company and have decided to rethink my decision. I just removed and sold a 2013 Fox 36 160 RC2 Kashima because I was underwhelmed by the performance. I weight just under 200 with gear.

My main focus is having a bike that will perform well in Moab and Southern Utah but I also want it to climb fairly well. Will occasionally ride smooth alpine trail and bike park stuff as well. I'm looking at the forks in the 170 travel range. Considering air or coil.

Marzocchi 55 Evo Ti
X Fusion Vengeance HLR
Rock Shox Lyric RC2 DH

What do you guys think?