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    Do suspension manufactures provide enough product info for the DW?

    This applies here because of the HD sitting in the bike barn downstairs, my main ride. So, okay general public feedback says that the Fox RP-23 is not the best product for the frame. I agree, for the conditions in Arizona, the little 23 is under built. But that is what ships, guessing that because of the great deal Ibis gets with Fox?
    Okay, time to upgrade in the shox end of the bike for many of us here on the forum. Most of us look for an air version of something that will handle something more than typical xc riding conditions, something that can handle the tech, the chunk, the Super D, the AM, blah, blah. The main players are the Cane Creek DB, the Rockshox Monarch Plus, the RockShox Vivid Air, the X-Fusion Vector Air (RC &HLC), and the Fox DHX Air.
    So who is leading today and why? What are the best features of these models and what do you look for? My values of deciding what product to go with is mostly:
    1. Money. The more dials, the more cost it seems.
    2. Service-able by me or my local bike guru, rather than sending it out for who knows how long?
    3. Durable, less plastic, more metal at the moving bits, hoping for longer product life.
    4. Tune-able platform. The thousand dollar question.

    So this leads down on how or who tunes our equipment? What to concentrate on? Is the HSR,HSC the way to go on the fly? Or tune for a general set of conditions, and then live with the result? Or maybe there is a community based answer because outside of Cane Creek providing guidance on how to turn dials to meet riding conditions, I find it very difficult to properly tune to the DW linkage after the initial break in and use time. Fox, RS, XF don't seem to offer much. Then, couple that with using the product effectively say 8 months later. How many riders treat/change the tune settings down the line of time? Thoughts?
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    After countless different configurations I've come to a personal realization. You can't have it all. Either Plush and Soft or Firm and Controlled. I prefer Firm and Controlled and sacrifice comfort and small bump compliance.

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    I guess tuning your shocks is a personal preference and type of riding you do.

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    I really didn't like the demo of the HD with standard RP23. Bucked me around and wallowed when climbing.

    I rode my HD for the first time yesterday with the RP23 but Fox tuned for me. Firm compression and Medium rebound. Same BV.

    The bike rode superb, no wallow and plenty of support, grip was good and the shock was plenty active whilst pedalling. I did pretty much almost bottom out though on a small <2ft drop. Approx 30% sag.

    The Fox specialist has given me the spacer kit to try as time goes on if and when I feel necessary, which I think may be likely?

    I'm 15st+ kitted up. Just my opinion. I dont ride big drops or jumps.

    Pro Pedal now has a 'noticeable effect.'

    Very happy with the bike

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    DW and Ibis is something you should ask DW and Ibis to discuss, not us.

    I have a Mojo C and while I don't ride DH or FR, I don't think I am soft on the bike. My RP23 is untuned - stock, ?once serviced. I change the air pressure a little bit if I plan to do a lot of jumps. I did recently notice I had flicked it to propedal, not sure for how long; it felt a little too plush when I changed it back, so after a ride or 2 I added a few pounds to the shock.

    I thought the purpose of the DW sus was to allow efficient power transfer to wheel as well as full travel with impacts. Not saying there isn't a shock better than the 23, but if you can't tune an Ibis to ride where you ride, then maybe you need help to get it right before buying a really expensive alternative. Seeing as the one I bought came with an air shock I presume the end-travel ramp-up was important to the design, but mine's not a HD.

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    And as long as the discussion touches the RP23 and ProPedal efficiency, I'd like to remind you about the different system Fox presented in the 2012 model. From earlier talks I understood that the ProPedal works much better in the newer model.

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    The best option is a custom tuned shock; tuned for the frame, your weight and your riding style. It's hard to beat that.

    CCDB air is a great all rounder; you can tune it yourself (albeit, it requires at least a master's degree in shock tuning to get it dialed). It is one of the heaviest options out there, together with the Vivid air.

    Vivid air, much like the CCDB; the tuning range isn't as extensive but if you start with a proper tune, you're in the ballpark.

    Monarch Plus saves significant weight (on the flip side, it is a minor weight penaly over the underwhelming RP23 that ships with the frame). PUSH offers a custom tune and reports are near unanimous in praising that as the ultimate rear end bliss (post tune, that is; pre-tune it is still very very good).

    Vector HLR is in the same weight category as the Monarch and based on my experience (albeit, with the older H3 LT) it is sufficiently awesome to potentially halt any further pursuit of better performance. No custom tuning shops work on these, at least not currently.

    Monarch (non-plus) is a huge improvement over the RP23, weights ~ the same but leaves a little to be desired compared with above.


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