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    Comparison between Ripley and an Epic

    I think I am a future Ripley owner but wanted to get a comparisons between an epic and a Ripley. I currently have an Epic with a sid 120 fork, dropper post and some 720 handlebars. When I bought the epic I was torn between the ripley and the 2013 carbon comp epic. I test rode the ripley for a bit on pavement going up hill and was amazed at the stiffness and the fact that I could stand up and mash (on Pavement). It seemed like it had really good small bump compliance as well. Unfortunatly the rip[ley cost over 6000.00 when I tried it last year. Prices have gone down and I have some money saved up plus I have the epic to sell so the ripley is attainable for me now.
    I want to know is if anyone has gone from an Epic to a ripley and what your thoughts may be between the two bikes. I really like the fact that I can stand up and mash on the epic, can I do the same on the ripley? How is the shock on the Ripley. On the epic it needs to get serviced every year or so. I have about 1500 miles on the epic in about 7 months and I know it is due. Will I have to worry about that with the ripley. Would I be better off just getting a replacement shock from specialized ($400) and swithcing it out every six months. I ride in No Cal in Tahoe-auburn and annedele ect ect. I race about 6 time a year. Will I be able to race on the Ripley?

    thanks for any replys.

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    I owned an Epic a couple years back, and now own a Ripley. I find the DW link much nicer to ride than the Brain. The Brain always seemed kind of weird and gimmicky to me, it provided a great lockout but seemed to let go and give an all-or-nothing feel. Like you're riding along and everything is firm and then you hit a slightly larger bump and it wallows way into the travel.

    Anyway, I find the DW to be as efficient on climbs as the Brain (yes you can stand and mash) but fully compliant and very predictable. Suspension feels a bit more taught and progressive than the (open) FSR feel, but you also get an extra inch of travel. I certainly won't be going back to FSR/Brain after riding lots of miles on DW and VPP.

    And yes you can definitely race the Ripley, and also have more fun on it when you're NOT racing. Get one.

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    Comparison between Ripley and an Epic

    I own both. I love the ripley more , it handles
    beter BUT the 2014 epic absorbs alot better the small bumps making it a more confortable bike

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    Having owned both and like the previous replies, the Ripley is definitely a more capable all around bike.

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