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    Comparing Ripley with Pike vs. Niner Rip 9 RDO

    I am a 130 lb 5’5″ XC rider who enjoys tough climbs much more than technical descents. But some of the people I ride with like light AM, so I need a bike that can handle that. I do not know how flick around a bike; I cannot manual. I cannot “rail” corners. I like steep semi-technical ascents which involve fist-sized rocks. I like to feel safe on descents, and do not enjoy the thrill of a scary descent. Small bump compliance is important to me.

    How would you compare the Rip 9 RDO to a Ripley with a 140mm Pike Fork and Cane Creek DB-inline shock (both of which are available as part of the Ibis build kit)? People generally say that the Ripley favors climbing and the Rip 9 favors descending. But with the 140mm fork, the Ripley's head angle becomes 68.5 degrees, and some people say that the front wanders a bit on the steep climbs. Scot at Ibis told me that if I prefer climbing, I should get the 120mm fork, but I still think that I will go with the 140mm Pike (maybe reduce it to 130mm) because I like to feel in control on the descents and in rock gardens. What climbs better: a 140mm Pike Ripley or a 130mm Revelation Rip9 RDO? Which descends better?

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    Well it depends on what you mean by "better"

    Handling wise, the Ripley has shorter chainstays and a shorter wheelbase, which may lead to "better" handling than the Niner. The Niner has 5mm more travel in the rear, which may be better for descending. But we are really talking about small differences between these two bikes.

    The Pike is just straight up a better fork than the Revelation.

    As a Ripley owner, it climbs great. I didn't have any issues climbing with the 140. It also descends really well, especially with the DBInline. I just took off the Float 34 and put on a Pike 130mm to get some extra stiffness for high speed rock gardens chunk.

    If you have a chance to demo a bike, do it, and go with what feels right. Both bikes are great choices. Obviously this is the Ibis forum so you are going to have a bit more biased opinions

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    How many of these are you going to start- seriously

    You have another option with the pike, see if the LBS is willing to swap out the solo air Pike with a dual position pike.

    You might have to pay a little more, but that will allow you to drop the travel for climbs and bring it back up for the descents.

    I was facing the same question and went with the Ripley. I've talked to a bunch of people that have ridden both. This is a qoute from one of the PM I got from someone I trust and know has ridden a lot of bikes.

    "I really liked the Ripley. In fact in made my final four when choosing >>>>>>. It was fast, nimble, climbed well, liked standing and hammering, and felt surprisingly capable in chunkier terrain. "
    "Yes I've ridden the Jet9 RDO and several versions of the Rip9. I like the way their suspension works. It feels very similar to Giant's Maestro suspension to me. Fairly plush and active but with a pedal platform somewhere between dw and FSR."

    I had a Stumpjumper FSR, and didn't like the way they sink in the travel and bob while climbing. I had a Tallboy- VPP and liked it well enough, but was hoping to find something between VPP and FSR, that's when I decided to start looking at DW-link bikes.

    As you can see in the quotes, the CVA of Niner is described as falling between DW and FSR, so for me, I wanted something that leaned more toward firmer pedaling/better climbing.

    I'm not a fan of either, wouldn't be able to demo either so had to just read up on peoples thoughts on both. By people I mean ones that have ridden plenty of bike, not some that has one and think it's the best cause it's the only one he's ridden.

    Another interesting thing to note- Bike Bible 2014 test of the Ripley Ibis Ripley: 2014 Bible of Bike - Mountain Bike Tests - YouTube
    One of the testers like it enough after all the bike they tested that he bought one.

    Bottom line- noone on here can tell you whats going to best for you, so at some point you have to either ride both or pick one, but 10 more posts asking won't help because whats best for isn't me doesn't mean it's best for you.
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