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    Upset Brake Problems

    Hello everyone!!
    I just bought a new pair of brakes Avid elixir 1 both front and rare. But there is a problem with my front brake, the first 2 days i worked just fine and then i just got really bad. I can't lock my front wheel. But my rare brake works really great. what could the problem be? please repsond quick!!! thanks

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    Put the Avid's on eBay. Switch to Shimano XT brakes and don't look back. (I prefer SRAM for suspension and drivetrain.)

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    It sounds like you need to bleed your brakes. You likely have a bit of a air in the master cylinder (near your brake lever) or in the line (the brake hose) somewhere. For the purposes of this discussion, assume that the fluid in your brake line is incompressible (it actually is but to a very small degree), while air in the line is compressible. With an air free line, you pull the lever which essentially pushes the liquid toward the caliper and the brake pad against your rotor. With air in the line, the little bit of air in the line is compressed and you're not getting the power you expect.

    Did you pull the front wheel off anytime and accidentally pull the brake lever in some way? That might've been the cause of the problem. Make sure you use pad spacers or a piece of cardboard to keep the caliber from closing in transport.

    You'll need to go into the local bike shop (LBS) and buy a bleed kit for Avid brakes. Keep in mind that Avid uses department of transportation (DOT) fluid which can be very nasty. Go buy some nitrile gloves. Once you learn to bleed your brakes you'll be good.

    For what it's worth, Shimano uses mineral oil (not nasty) and the new XT brakes are truly amazing.

    One last thing, the Ibis forum is really helpful but this question would probably have been better placed in the "Brake Time" forum. Good luck.

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    As previously noted, sounds like you need to bleed the brake.

    How To:

    Avid Disc Brake Bleed Kit > Accessories > Tools > Bleed Kits | Jenson USA Online Bike Shop

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    What they said, bleed and replace Organic pads with sintered steel backed pads and power will be awesome and more consistent as well.

    I always get a bleed done on Avids regardless when buying a new set, plus shortening the hoses helps heaps if needed, less hose less chance of expansion and air bubbles, better power and also looks cleaner.

    It dosent cost much for an LBS to do it if handy, if unsure get them to do it so its done right and you will get the right experience out of your brakes.

    Also just in case, bedding in your pads properly on Avids or any brake is important but more so on Avids if you want them to remain quiet.

    Run them down a nice hill not too steep do one brake at a time, pull in lever firmly but not as to stop or go OTB do this consistently not on or off other wise you'll glaze the pad and glaze the rotor in different places on the rotor, you want the pad to heat up and take the edge off all around the rotor, repeat you'll feel it get good bite then its time to do the other one, I normally start on the front first.

    If you have glazed a pad/s rotors this also can help fix the problem if not pads not too gone old or badly bedded in.

    Bleed will sort your issue, no need to waste money swapping out to another brand, just proper basic setup and bed in is all thats needed.

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