I am not all that impressed with the '12 KC RP23 that came on my HD.

It seems to wallow in mid stroke and to get my sag set properly at around 30% i need to pump it up to a little over 200psi, when I thought I was supposed to run about 10%less than my weight in PSI (so, around 170-180) If I do that though, the sag is around 40-50% and I blow through the travel.

Anyways, sounds like others have had the same issues and have gone the PUSH route to clear some of that up but wondering if anyone has used the Evolver on their bike yet? I have seen them relatively cheap online.

I had one on my old Banshee Rune and it worked beautifully. It took awhile to find the sweet spot for settings and pressures but once i did, it was great. Banshee recommended it as the type of shock, given the leverage ratio and their V4FB linkage etc.

Anyone know if this shock would be a good fit, given the HD's dw links?