Hi, just thought I'd pass along a link that would certainly help lighter riders of Apogee XTs. My wife rides this bike, and she had some problems with getting full travel out of the fork. It felt perfect for me, so I figured it had to do with our weight difference.

For 130 - 150 lb. riders, the Marathon S fork will likely feel far too stiff from the factory, and if the Swinger rear shock is setup right, the bike will feel imbalanced - too stiff in front, too soft in the rear. The fix for this was recently discussed in the shocks forum:

Tune my 2004 Marathon S......

Summarizing the link above, the factory-approved fix is just to remove the coil spring from the air-preload side of the fork (the non-ETA side), and then fill air to adjust the sag.

This worked great, and gave an excuse to check factory oil levels at the same time. Make sure you have the right adapter to fill air before you do this - I didn't get one with the bike.

Hope this helps others.


PS - the bike rides awesome now