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Thread: Ibex Ignition 1

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    Ibex Ignition 1

    Hello everyone!
    I know this Ibex forum is supposedly closing, but I need some help before it does!
    I own not 1 but 2 Ibex bikes. An Ignition 1 and an Ignition 2. These are the old design (bought it in 2007 so I think its the '04 design).
    Here is a look at the design:

    Now for my help. I need a new rear shock as this lame Vector is utter garbage. I waited 4 years to do this but I can't take it anymore. I need to change it. What would be a budget friendly replacement? Also, is it really worth upgrading parts on this particular frame or am I better of just buying a Trek or Specialized and going from there?

    Thanks guys!

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    While you're looking at shock prices check out frames. Maybe that will help you decide.
    You can find some frame deals with a shock included that aren't much more than a decent shock will run you.
    If you go that route the little stuff can add up but many comps will switch over.

    or just ride the pee pee out of it and upgrade the whole bike when it's dead

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    Hey thanks for the reply!

    I started looking and its all too expensive to really be worth doing.
    Found a 08 Trek Fuel 8 for 1250 and debating it. Seems to price is a bit steep for it though.

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    What MT said save up for a better bike that one has done its time all to well.
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