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    New question here. Frame Contact with Front Derailer on Ignition Models ???

    Ok, I really like all the specs on the Ignition Super and am just about ready to buy. However, I have read on a couple threads that there is an issue with the frame coming in contact with the Front Derailer. I'm about to put down $1000 on this bike. Is this issue a deal breaker? Is there a way to prevent this from happening. Thanks for any info on this!!


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    If you are going to go with a single ring in the front it's a non issue. I can't rule out this option for myself.

    Current solutions are just let it hit, air up the shock to keep it from hitting, raise the FD or a combination of those.

    I run a 2 ring + bash and have raised the FD. You can live with it but it's not right. Sometimes I wish I could be on the granny in front and running a high gear on the back. If I do that the chain drags on the FD so I do the opposite, big ring in front, low gear in rear.

    A real solution is on the way but I have no idea when that will happen. Like anything else. You get a box to work in and adapt.

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    it happened on my ignition when i set the dérailleur to low, all you need to do is raise it up a tad. its only a result of dérailleur placement. it is diffidently no serious problem by any means.

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