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    Vacation advice for possible Feb. trip to Hawaii for riding and relaxing with the fam

    Hi everyone,
    I'm planning a trip for my spouse and almost 7 year old son to get away from Seattle during our mid-February break. We are looking for a sunny resort like atmosphere with a good kids club at a destination that also includes some great all mountain / DH riding (bonus for guides and shuttle assists). I have spent some time reading many of the posts about riding in Hawaii, and it seems that Oahu fits the bill. At this point, our first priority is confirming that to be true, understanding what the guide & shuttle options are as well as if there are any areas of the island we should choose to stay vs others.

    About us as riders:
    We both have been riding an average of 3 days a week for 2-3 years in the Seattle area, and we've ridden Whistler ~20 days in that time frame on our DH bikes. One of us is intermediate, and the other is advanced (but not expert). We like flow and tech...but most of all we like to descend. And since we also want to spend time with our little guy, we'd like to get some shuttle assistance if possible. We will likely bring our AM bikes (Kona Process 153 and Spec. Enduro).

    Thanks in advance for any help you all provide!

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    Try checking out He does tours.

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    I haven't done a whole lot of riding on Maui, but you might want to look into there. Some nice stuff there.

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    Why dont you stay at disney's Aulani resort on the west shore?

    A little drive away is timberline where they held downhill races. Not sure if you need a permit. There is one guy that does tours on Oahu. He rents rocky mountain i think.

    Also from Aulani resort, drive north to the end and you will reach Kaena point. 5 miles flat cliff side jeep road.

    Otherwise, stay in Waikiki like typical tourist do and ride St Louis downhill in Manoa next to University of Hawaii. The track was use as the Grundig world cup downhill championship back in the late 90s.

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    Having lived in Hawaii for 10 years, Maui has much better mountain bike (and road bike) riding than Oahu. Oahu's rides are short and limited. Maui has a number of really cool XC and flow type rides on the flanks of Haleakala as well as a pretty good group of folks keeping up the trails. Oahu riders continue to be subjected to closures and limitations of the off road riding locations. The St. Louis ride mentioned is good but short.

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    Right now the new KRA in Makawao Forest on Maui is closed due to major blow downs from the windstorm last week, and it may be a few weeks before it opens. Poli Poli State Park is also closed, still from the hurricane a couple months ago.

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    So how did the trip go?
    I like to hug trees at FULL SPEED!

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