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    Skyline - Haleakala (protocol)

    Back in the day, I was told that the top of skyline trail (the Federal part) was off limits to bikers, and you had to walk your bike down to the State gate before mounting your bike.

    (which was followed *generally* until out of sight)

    Is this Federal restriction still in effect?

    Also, any resolution to the DLNR/DHHL issue, and does it prevent *legal* biking down skyline today?


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    Dang I have done it couple times in the past couple years and never walked the bike. once was at midnight and the other at high noon, what a fun ride!

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    No apparant restrictions. In fact, if you tell the ranger at the park entrance that you are only entering the park to access Skyline you don't have to pay the park entrance fee.

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    The road that descends from the summit to Skyline trail goes through DHHL land and technically was not a legal access until DLNR/Na Ala Hele was able to negotiate an agreement with DHHL to use the road to access Skyline trail. Note the official trail description does not include this upper portion of road.

    It was a grey area for a while, it's nicely signed now off the science city road. I think the state forest reserve boundary is at around 8000 feet.
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