Maui in May...

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  • 02-16-2013
    Maui in May...
    I'm going to visit some friends and family in May who live in Maui. I've never been to any part of Hawaii so I was hoping to take advantage and get a ride or two in. I've got a couple questions for those that have made the trip from the mainland before and to get general advice.

    1) I'm more than your recreational rider, but not a pro either. Is it worth boxing up my Fuel EX and shipping it over versus renting? I've searched on the internet, looks like bike rentals are about $60 a day. I'm not sure if the cost of boxing my bike and shipping it versus renting would be a wash considering I'd be there for 8 days (not going to ride every day, but 2 or 3 days would be $180).

    2) Is there any good sites that list the trails and/or maps? Those that I'm visiting aren't really MTBers so I'll likely be riding on my own. What's a good site to plan my rides? I've been looking at the Poli Poli Park.

    3) Anything specific I should bring for riding in Hawaii that I wouldn't normally bring with me here on the east cost?

    Thanks for any insights!
  • 02-17-2013
    Try Crater Cycles, they have a good web site.
  • 02-17-2013
    I just got back from Maui and rented from Crater Cycles. Had a Yeti SB-66 with XT gruppo and full 2013 Fox CTD setup. I rode the Skyline Trail, which was really great but only about 90 minutes of riding (95% downhill) INCLUDING stopping to take copious pictures. From the top of Skyline, this is a MUST shuttle if you ask me, unless you are in impeccable shape and can climb 7K+ vertical feet over 20+ miles BEFORE you descend. The other area to ride I'm told is a short loop in the Jungle (Makawo?).

    Before you go, I'd email Neil at Crater Cycles and see what he can work out if you wanted to do a multi-day rental. Personally, after having ridden there, I'd not bring my bike and I'd just rent. You could easily ride both trails in one day and although Skyline was awesome, the shuttle up was not worth repeating. I don't know how much more riding there is in the area . . .

    Now, if you wanted to ride ROAD . . . that's another story. I think riding the road to Hana on a bike would be awesome. You'd have to stay the night out there, but I think it would be an amazing ride. There's lots of cars, yes, but I bet you could move through there faster on a bike.