• 07-04-2012
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    Please help me identify this Haro MTB!!!
    I posted a couple of pic of what it looks like, dunno much about it. The frame kind of looks similar to Haro escapes but it lacks the little tube that connects the top tube and the top of the seat tube that makes a little triangle. It has similar specs too: Manitou splice 130mm, hayes brakes, truvativ husselfelt bars and arms, kenda tires.
    That's all I really know about it since it's second hand. Please let me know if you recognize it and let me know any detail that I could provide to help identify it.
  • 07-04-2012
    I found numbers on the bottom bracket( not sure if this is what it's called, its the part where the crank attaches)
    one says A289-2 across in the middle of the bracket bigger letters parallel to the handlebars, and another says 0434000063 towards the side side of the bracket perpendicular to the other number given above.
    I don't know if this helps, but I thought i'd post it.
  • 07-08-2012
    I'd say an 03-05 Escape 8.1,2 or 3. Looks like it's been resprayed. Rugged Frame and fun frame.
  • 09-02-2012

    Originally Posted by oh-really View Post
    I'd say an 03-05 Escape 8.1,2 or 3. Looks like it's been resprayed. Rugged Frame and fun frame.

    Didn't the Escapes from 2003-2005 have a little supporting gusset stretching between where the top tubes meets the seat tube?

    I've never seen the small size frame though. Perhaps those didn't carry the gusset (if that's the correct term)
  • 01-09-2013
    Greetings folks

    First of all sorry Kungpow for jumping your thread but I can't start a new thread until 5 posts, this seemed the most logical place to ask.

    Second: what a great forum lots of outstanding bikes out there. Its my first post so be gentle:)

    The reason I'm here. I'm going to pick up my second HARO Flightline tomorrow, this one will be a bit of a project as its been damaged, front wheel bent rear derailleur hangar broken but should be a fun build for myself and son. The issue is I can't pick the model

    Its advertised as a Haro Flightline Sport sixty sixty one 20 inch but its ACID GREEN and I can't find a sport in that color only a DX3 but the bike definately has SPORT on the frame.

    Has to be a 2008 -2010 due to its shape

    I've been trolling the wide wieb and all the HARO picks on this site but to no avail, what have I missed.

    Darn it I can post pics or links yet:madman:

    Any questions plz ask:D



    Going by the pic it has XCT v2 forks
  • 01-10-2013
    Sorry but a blatant way of upping post so I might get some pics for ya


    Frame is green but its luster not gloss

    Discs: Avid 160
    Tyres: Kenda
    Brakes AVID 5 ball bearings
    Shocks Sr Suntour XCT V2
    Seat: Velo
    Seat Post: Kalin
    Crank arm TruVativ (SRAM)
    Rear Derailleur: Deore
    Cassette: CS HG 30-81
    RIMS: ZAC19 26*1.5-1.95

    Hope this helps
  • 01-24-2014
    Chris Buenaventura
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    Is a legitimate haro dhr?
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  • 05-09-2017
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    Attachment 1136485Can you also help me identify my haro?