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    Haro Werks XCT and DSR

    Figured since I couldn't find a thread for these two builds I did in the archives, I'd put one up even though they were done years ago. I just like to have easy to point to info on previous project builds.

    This Werks XCT was also the very first Haro I ever assembled, and why I fell in love with the brand. I got the frame off ebay for essentially free (I complained about a shipping error to the seller and they refunded me the payment in full, so in the end all I paid was import taxes and fees) and my friend Jenny immediately fell in love with it.

    And then over the course of a few months I acquired enough parts to build it for her at a very good price (so good that she never finished paying for it). The Judy Race fork which matched the paint perfectly came from a Brodie Sovereign frameset I got. The Blue annodized XT shifter pods I got from JmZ as I recall. The Technogen Tech-Lite levers were an ebay find (they were blowing them out for about $20/pair on ebay circa 2001-2002), the hubs came from ebay, I got the rims mail-order from the states, the tires I don't remember where I got them, the cranks and post were russian made copies of canadian designs, and so on.

    This is what resulted by spring 2002...

    Scroll ahead a couple years and it got some parts changes done because Jenny wasn't turning into an XC racer and was doing more trail riding. Among the changes were different cranks for lower gearing, bash guard, softer fork springs, new stronger back wheel (she put a nasty dent into the rim of the original back wheel), shorter stem, different post (the head on the original Ti post was slipping), stem pad.

    Sometime this fall when she moves back to Ottawa I'll take some updated photos at higher resolution/larger size and add them to the thread.

    The other Haro I built was around winter 2003-04 when I put together this Werks DSR frame I got off ebay, for the then bf of my now ex-friend Allison. That one I got fully paid for at least, but ironically it got mysteriously stolen a short time later. I think I've seen the frame in Ottawa area still (listed for sale on pinkbike actually) but that was after it got all the parts I put on it stripped off and the decals altered somewhat. Anyway the guy was a cancer survivor (missing a kidney and a lung) and was about 5 years past the point that doctors had predicted he'd be dead by. As such he liked to live life on the extreme as he figured he was working on bonus time or something.

    This one got setup from the start for more aggressive trail/DJ riding and that's reflected in the durability of the parts. The fork is a Noleen Un-Smarted Smart fork (32mm stanchions, 75mm travel, the electronic-controlled damping was removed at the factory and replaced with an all mechanical damper design), the brakes were shimano M475 mechanicals. I seem to recall using WTB MotoRaptor 2.4 tires. It had 1 chainring, and 8 speeds driven with a Sachs Plasma gripshifter.

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    Very nice I need to get my sons XCT back together again. DSR was a awesome bike ahead of it's time.
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