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    Haro Mary SS upgrades

    Hey Haroers, well I'm wrapping up my first season on my '09 Mary SS, I've swapped out some parts I had laying around. Salsa 7075 ring, Surly cog, Kore bars (not a fan of the Mary Bars AT ALL), put on BB7's and sd7 levers, and put on some clips.

    With fall closeouts and Christmas sales coming up, I'm wondering what upgrades you've made to your Mary, why, and was it beneficial?

    Mary ss shenanigans

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    I was looking over my 2007 Mary SS the other day. The only original component still on that bike is the WTB saddle. Every other component (including the fork) has been replaced. This is still my favorite bike, even if it only vaguely resembles what I bought from Haro years ago.

    Customization is so personal. I won't go into the details of all the components as what works for me won't necessarily work for you. Just enjoy the ride and buy Mary some new shoes once in a while. Like any beautiful girl, she needs some maintenance and some new bright shiny gifts periodically.

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    Still riding her basically Stock , but first upgrade will be a ChrisKing headset, that is when this factory unit wears out . The stock Ritchy Pro bars, stem and seat post have grown on me and only will be replaced when needed . I have the Ergon grips , which make for happy hands . I'm guessing my bug purchase some time soon will be canning the Avid BB5's for something else , mechanical or hydraulic , I'm not sure . I've owned both now and see pros and cons of both . The wheel set seems pretty tough , especially since my Clydesdale body hasn't trashed em yet . I actually like the WTB/ PIVIT set up , only wishing that the front wheel had the Cartrige bearings that the rear has , I also like the PIVIT SS freewheel set up because there is less offset in the rear wheel build which translates into a strong wheel set . The crankset is holding up well and I'll replace that with a stock one when needed .
    I bought this SS for its simple workings , and it seems to be holding up better than I expected , so the bling bling will only happen when needed , as I repeated many times . Ride on !!
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    I changed most of it really...

    Powder coated respray to gun metal grey....

    Hydraulic brakes, lightweight wheels, tyres to racing Ralph/ rocket ron's, exotic carbon forks then RECON forks, then the chain gear wore out so that got swapped for a slightly high gear too.....
    Last week I 'upgraded' to narrower carbon bars instead of the onone risers it came with, wish I hadn't as it ruined the feel / control over rough ground... the onone's are going back on as ASP...

    Next I hope to 'try' and have a (/an easily changed to and from) conversion to a 1/9 geared Haro Mary....

    I just love smashing past fellow XC blokes on the latest carbon hard tails when I'm on a steel framed bomb dropper.....

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    I know this thread is a few months old but how are you going to run your cables for the derailleur ? Just gonna use zip ties and put the derailleur cable completely covered in tubing or are you going to use some kind of clamp on cables boss's? I'm thinking of doing this myself is why i'm asking.

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    Does anyone know if the niner biocentric EBB 2 fits the Haro bb shell?

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