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    New question here. Extreme X2 (?) seeking advice

    I've been a longtime mountain biker (mid 90's), and am just getting back into it after a very long hiatus when I was essentially 'given' a full suspension Haro.
    Glossing over the un-important details, I helped out a friend and they basically gave me a bike that was in their garage as a thank you. A quick google search leads me to believe it's an X2, probably 04 or 05. For whatever reason, the previous owner (friend's son?) rattle-canned the front triangle and fork.
    Extreme X2 (?) seeking advice-photo.jpg
    It's totally rideable, and actually shifts and rolls well after some lube and a screwdriver, but if just feels 'loose' and dusty.
    I'm seeking some knowledgeable folks to help me sort out the bike and get it up to snuff again without spending a bunch of money.
    The drive-train, wheels, BB5 brakes and cockpit are sorted well enough for me. I can do those adjustments/repairs myself.
    I think the fork is original equipment, a 150mm Stance (blunt?). It feels that way, the bushings feel kinda sloppy even though the action itself is fairly plush. What's the best course of action for this fork? rebuild it, or trash it and find an upgrade? I would especially appreciate someone who knows this fork to chime in here. I'll happily provide pics if asked.
    The rear suspension is a mystery to me. Two things primarily: The coil-over x-fusion shock feels terrible on anything that isn't a pretty big hit. Fist sized rocks are terrible, curb-sized hits are 'ok'. knee-high drops are actually pretty good. I haven't tried bigger than that. Is the #550 spring too much for me at 150 in ride-kit? Would replacing the spring and/or whole shock benefit the ride? I'd probably seek out something used or budget for around $100-150.
    The other part is when hitting those fist sized rocks, the bike sounds like a toolbox full of rocks and wrenches thrown down some stairs. maybe that's an exaggeration, but it is really noisy. I've lubed and inspected all the pivots and they seem tight and in good condition. Can't identify what's actually making the noise. My previous ride was a hardtail. I know the sound of chainslap. I don't believe this is that sound. Could it be the spring in the shock rattling on the collar?

    Lastly, the Ritchey headset seems like trash to me. I opened it up to grease it and now if I get all the play out of it, it drags, or it turns freely and has a hint of play in it. replace, or do I just need to adjust it more carefully? it doesn't appear to be damaged upon inspection. I almost feel like this could be contributory to the general noise of the bike.

    I sincerely appreciate any advice/help that is provided. Browsing the forum here, I see there's lots of folks with experience on this bike, and are largely happy with it. Initially I think it's a pretty good bike, hoping to fix it up so I can 'love' it.

    Edit: just looked at the shock, its a #750 spring, not 550.
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