Thinking about putting a 120mm Manitou Tower Pro 29er on my 2013 Karakoram 2.0. The XC28 has some issue that basically made it a rigid fork, and even compared to my 26" bike, which only has a Rock Shox XCR, the fork is an issue and I think it's worth upgrading it. (It looks like it'll save me over a pound of weight and substantially improve the ride.)

The 120mm Manitou Tower Pro 29er is "530" Crown-to-Axle instead of the current "502", and I was thinking that could work. (I put those numbers in quotes because I'm not sure how accurate either is.)

I'm trying to figure out whether the crown-to-axle change is too big, or if it will work well. I'm 6'2" and ride a L Karakoram 2.0, my neighbor is the same height and decided to go with the XL, which I likely a tad more.

If I order the Manitou fork, do I want more spacers, less spacers or the same spacers on the fork? Any advice on how the fork is going to impact the bike, and considerations I might want to be aware of?

Thanks in advance for any help!