Post your GT here!!!

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  • 05-14-2004
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    Post your GT here!!!
    Thanks MTBR for setting up the GT thread!

    What would a GT forum be without photos? Post your GT pictures here!

    I'll start with mine:

    1999 GT STS-1000-DS
    98' Jr. T.
    2000 Magura Gustav Ms
    XT/XTR mix
  • 05-20-2004
    Bikin' Bric
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    my avalanche
    Here are a few pics of my 2003 Avalanche Disc, both when I got it and after some heavy mods. The last one is of my Avalanche 1.0 with my cousin's Avalanche 2.0. Sweet stuff, let the GT pride live forever!
  • 05-20-2004
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    '03 Ruckus I-drive
    Thanks for looking!
  • 05-24-2004
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    Back when it was stock.....
  • 05-26-2004
    1990-1991 GT tequesta SS!!
    Bought it in College. Still ride it more then any of my other bikes. Converting it to SS was the best thing I've done to it in a long time.

  • 06-02-2004
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    '00 XCR4000 heavily modified
    Frame, Stem, F-der, and bars are all that's original. First attempt at posting picture so here goes

  • 06-02-2004
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    99 Timberline, great bike. Now I ride a Kona though and this is back up.
  • 06-12-2004
    '99 i-Drive, LX/XT drivetrain, Manitou Black Comp (100/120), Kore/Syncros cockpit, WTB Enduroraptors, SDG saddle, Ritchey Comp pedals..............

    Of course now I feel like a complete boob! Pic is too big. And I can't delete my post. Oh well. I'll get to resizing it someday...............
  • 06-15-2004
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    '99 Zaskar LE with the cosmic paint job....
    The only thing that is stock today is the seatpost (Thomson) and the front derailleur (Shimano XT).... Everything else has been switched out... BTW as pictured it weighs 20.5 lbs. The fork is a painted 2002 SID SL. She is semi retired now as I have a full suspension that gets trail duty. The Zaskar is relegated to pulling the kid's trailer and a foul weather bike...

  • 06-23-2004
    My GT Avalance 2.0 that get's trashed weekly on African trials.

    <img src=>
  • 06-23-2004
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    My XCR 3000
    This has and still is a faithful rig to me... has had many upgrades along the way like: '03 Psylo XC (u-turn) Fork, '04 Cane Creek Cloud 9 rear shock, XT/XTR deraileurs, Avid front Disc brakes, Thompson Stem and WTB Ti Saddle. Everything else is stock, not much I know, but goes to show you that the frame has withheld hundreds of miles through the San Grabriel Mountains for almost 4 years. I'm buying a Titus Switchblade this year but this rig is staying for many more rides ahead. Weights 30lbs., climbs well overall and handles nice. It rides very plush with the setup I'm running and the onlu changes since the picture are a new set of Kenda Blue Groove 2.1 (front) and Nevegal 2.1 (rear). Enjoy!
  • 06-28-2004
    NIce bikes guys. I used to ride a 99 i drive. What a great bike. To bad all it does now is hang on the wall. Any way to fix a worn out main pivot?
  • 06-28-2004
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    Here's mine
    GT i-drive 2.0 2003.

    Avid Mech in front.
    Duke XC front shock
    Easton EA70 stem/riser
    Azonic Extension pedals
    more to come...

    It's a tad heavy, but I'm loving it!
  • 07-10-2004
    I am a GT fan for life!

    Just snagged a 2004 Avalanche 0.5 and tossing a 2005 Fox vanilla RLC on it!
  • 07-14-2004
    2004 Id Xc 2.0
    Anyone riden one of these? Any comments of suggestions? I had a 1999 Zaskar I loved, but of course, it cracked at the seat weld. I love the way GT's ride and fit me but am wary of another because of the cracked frame....but, there are some good deals on them now so I am considering it....any comments appreciated!! peace, eek
  • 07-15-2004

    Heres my 2003 GT I-Drive. I know, I know, why the yellow wheels right?

    GT I-Drive 3.0 2003
    Chris King wheelset
    Hayes Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    WTB Weirwolf 2.1 Comp
    Shimano LX shifters
    Just added (not in picture), Shimano XT Crankset
    Sun Ringle ZuZu pedals. I have mallets, but I am too chicken to get used to them.
    Profile Design Ultra FR handlebar
    Oury Grips, that got changed to Salsa grips
    RS Psylo 80 to 125mm travel
    Cane Creek Cloud Nine rear shock
    Shimano Deore front derailleur
    Shimano XT rear derailleur
    Sram chain
    Koobi Silver saddle
    Race Face XY seatpost
  • 07-15-2004
    That's A Huge Picture !
    I thought you couldn't upload pictures that big... :O)
  • 07-15-2004

    Originally Posted by 2X2MTB
    I thought you couldn't upload pictures that big... :O)

    What do ya mean? Its not that big. You have your bifocals on? LOL
  • 07-15-2004
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    GT Xizang - my super commuter
    Xizang frame with no stickers or decals to give it a stealth look, so to the untrained eye it looks like an unpainted cheap aluminium bike.

    XTR shifters and rear derealier/ XT front
    Team Stylo cranks/ ATAC pedals
    Bullseye front hub (Rhyno Lite)/ GT (red anno!) rear hub ( 0*XC)
    Magura rim brakes + TWP levers
    King headset/ Kore stem/ Avenir Ti bats and bar-ends
    White Brothers SC90 forks
  • 07-19-2004
    Xizang commuter 2

    Originally Posted by LQQK
    Xizang frame with no stickers or decals to give it a stealth look, so to the untrained eye it looks like an unpainted cheap aluminium bike.

    I don't think the Titanium will ever look like cheap aluminium :)

    I too have made a commuter out of an old Xizang but with a different setup than yours.
    The overall mission is to have a super ride that doesn't draw too much attention to itself.

    I took it a bit further and re-decaled the frame with Karakoram stickers, to make it look really cheap. The wheels are built of American Classic hubs and secured by Kryptonite skewers. It's built as a single speeder with Truvativ Cranks and cheap platforms.

    I think it's the coolest commuter I ever had.. It's certainly the fastest :)

    Here's the results caught on camera.. also an intermediate picture when the frame was stripped of all stickers (I saved the Titanium sticker though)

  • 08-04-2004
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    1997 ish karakoram
    Here is the real deal, not just camoflage. 1997 Karakoram frame I picked up off ebay last summer brand new, 4130 cro moly steel, I believe they called this color stealth blue. I know its a '97 since I used to have this as a complete bike that was stolen in 2000. LX 8 spd shifters also off ebay. LX 8 spd FD from supergo in Phoenix of all places. LX RD used from Recycled Cycles in Seattle. Rest of the parts are from a variety of places. Wheels and handlebar are from my '01 i-drive 5.0 that now has a busted pivot, and I VERY far from a dealer to fix it. The reviews on this site are all true about this frame, bombproof, well ballanced, very forgiving, the only weak point is the deraillure hanger, and with the Saint RD's thats not really an issue anymore, I think.
  • 08-04-2004
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    Hey guys,
    I'm a noob here and I thought a proper first post would be right here since I'm a happy GT owner. My baby is a 1999 [or 2000?, I forget] GT Avalanche. She is pretty much stock.

    The "Masters of the Universe" sticker keeps the bad guys away! ;)
  • 08-08-2004
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    Great pics!
    Here's a pic of my baby, a 2000 GT XCR-5000 I-Drive. I got it back in 2001 when a friend took a header into a ditch and got hurt bad. Did I mention he wasn't wearing a helmet? Anyway, he swore off mountain biking and sold it to me after he got out of the hospital for half price! I named her 'Beast' (see sticker) and we've been inseperable ever since.

    Now, only the minor bits are left stock. Funny, since I got into mountain biking, I have yet to see another I-Drive with the same paint job. Rides great, I'll always take her out first when I'm exploring a new trail or need a bike to get me down the mountain. I've been bucked off a number of times OTB, not badly but enough to not take her for granted when I ride :D .
  • 08-09-2004
    VT no 1 2 or 3
    One of the last of the CA made Zaskar Team.

    <img src="">
  • 08-11-2004
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    My Idrive 5.0 broke, and GT didn't honor my warranty...
    I weigh 135#'s and it broke on a weld...
    I rode it for 1.5 years and all GT would do is offer me a "replacement" for $400 which I did not do...

    here it is before I took it apart...
    I also posted the crack on the Idrive/BB area