Post your GT here!!!

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  • 08-18-2016
    Beautiful bike!!! That chrome is awesome. =)
  • 09-09-2016
    left is original 1996 Avalanche, Middle is unknown year-- can you help ?
    Rt is my ( I'll never sell it ) 1992 Avalanche. With some Trek 8500 wheels. Can you see a pattern here ? :-)
    these are the only MTB I own.

    Can you ID the year of this one ??? Serial SAS6H0122
    I bought as a bare frame, and put Trek parts on it for my son. Any info would be great.
  • 09-11-2016
    COuld be compeltely wrong cause hard to tell from the pics...
    left is 96?, middle is pre 96 but post post 92 (so 93-95) and right is 98?

    But if you got is as a bare frame could be anything aluminium for GT.
  • 09-18-2016

    New to the forum and mtb seen but loving some of the gt bikes im seeing on here. Heres my basic gt avalanche 3.0.