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  • 06-23-2017
    By the way, have any of you upgraded your front suspension and want to off your adjustable/lockout fork?
    I'm not looking to put a $300 fork on my $300 bike. Let me know.

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  • 06-25-2017
    I don't think I've posted in this thread... so here's mine. GT Distortion.

  • 06-28-2017
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    here is my 2013 aggressor 3.0.... got it from my step grandfather... he got hit by a car, broke his ribs. he is taking blood thinners along with other health issues, so he decided it was time to stop riding. he ended up giving me the bike.... turned out the damage wasnt that bad....rebuilt the rear hub and replaced the front derailleur cable... rest was cleaning and realigning a few things....has some scuffs and scrapes, but good as new otherwise
  • 07-02-2017
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    New to me as of yesterday (and from eBay): an apparently never ridden 2012 Zaskar Carbon Comp 9r:

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  • 07-04-2017

    this is my RTS3 1994

  • 07-28-2017
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    2016 GT Helion Elite, first FS bike
  • 08-16-2017
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    After 21 years I finally replaced my Palomar. 2017 GT Aggressor Pro. Complete with old man seat. :p
  • 08-25-2017
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    GT Arrowhead (Just bought today)
    Hi guys,

    Just picked up this 1999 GT Arrowhead off ebay for 40, seems in good shape, already have a few mods in mind already.

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  • 08-27-2017
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  • 08-28-2017
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  • 08-28-2017
    Gagak Rimang
    My 2010 GT Avalanche.

    Only things stock are the cockpit, fork, seat post and brakes.

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  • 09-15-2017
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    my 1999 Zaskar
    all-original minus pedals, tires, saddle & bar ends...
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  • 10-20-2017

    Originally Posted by dw8 View Post
    After 21 years I finally replaced my Palomar. 2017 GT Aggressor Pro. Complete with old man seat. :p

    How do you like the new steed?
  • 10-20-2017
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    2010.5 Sensor 9r after a ride, enough fun to forget a seat rail broke half way up. Nothing left but the seat post.