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Thread: Old School

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    Old School

    My first Mtn. Bike was a 1993 GT Karakoram in "Black-Light" which I bought new while serving in the USMC. The old Karakoram traveled the world with me and I've always had a place for the old GT's. I still have the old girl, although not fully functioning at present. My current ride is a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR. I recently picked up a 1996 Avalanche LE and I'm needing a little info if possible..... What is the specs on the original Rock Shox Judy XC on the Avalanche? I'm shopping the classifieds / e-bay for a replacement / upgrade and really don't know the exact specs to be looking for. Stem length? Travel? what fork would be a direct "bolt-on" replacement? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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    These 2 links will tell you everything you need to know.

    I just picked up the same bike today and my front shock is cracked. I am going to try and find an older 80mm sid. I want to keep something light and the 80mm will give me a little more travel without missing with Geometry of the bike to much.

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    yeah picking up a 2nd hand fork like a sid or a marzochhi z2, or a functioning judy would be the way to go.
    Niot much inb the way of new forks will fit. I put a manitou r7 80mm on my 96 xizang and works pretty well, but no canti hanger if you are going that way.
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    I am going to put Hyd brakes on mine so I hope to find something without canti hangers. But a good deal on a good fork is first priority.

    I have always wanted a Ball burnished Avalanche LE back in 97 I almost bought one but did not have the cash to spend on it and ended up with a 98 Trek 820 SHX finally 16 years later I got the bike I always wanted. Now I just have to decide what to do with it. Cant decide 1x10 2x10 3x9 or just leave well functioning 3x8 on it

    2011 Trek GF Rig SS
    2003 Gary Fisher Paragon 29
    2001 Giant XTC SE 2

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