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    Looking for GT LTS chainstay

    I think my model is a 95-96 GT LTS TEAM. I have picture of it.

    I've bought it on ebay but after verify it i've see that the chainstay have a little crack on it .

    I have in mind to weld it but not sure if it will last long.

    So anyway if someone want to sell me this my email is

    i'm from canada.

    I have the idea to run a little china girl motor on it so it must be safe before install this on it .

    These picture are from the vendor who sell me the frame .

    This is a picture of the crack on the chainstay. yes i've paint the frame LOL

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    I have a full '97 LTS-1 frame with full BETD bearing kit and A2Z components DM-UNI disc brake adaptor that I will sell to you for $300 American.
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    I don't have too much money to spend I will try welding first instead of buying a new frame kit.

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