I enjoyed my GT, but.....

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  • 11-28-2012
    I enjoyed my GT, but.....
    ....the frame on my GT Avalanche 3.0 broke last week while on the trail. Bought it in Oct. of '05 and put 4,355 miles on it. I didn't jump it, just ride the trails and the road. The break was on the drive side chain stay right next to the weld at the dropout. I first thought I broke an axle, but it was the frame. Oh well, moving on to a build up on a Sette Reken frame. Enjoyed the GT while it lasted but I'm moving on.
  • 11-29-2012
    Bummer on your break.. But awesome you put 4k+ miles on that ride.. I use my 2010 Avalanche primarily as my commute to work and back.. In 1 year it's already given me back my return of investment. And I've only logged 1/4th of your distance! Hope you get as much or more from your next bike. Cheers!
  • 11-29-2012
    Dunno about the curren
    t year model Avrmance XCL comp.alanche, but in 2009 I know the 2.0 and the 1.0 have a lighter frame I'm pretty sure.I have the older model Sette frame (not built up yet)...it's OK.
    But if you wanna look at a really nice budget 26er frame, look into the Performance XCL comp.I can't vouch on the lomgevity, but I think they're a bit better than the Reken.
    ...just my .02.

    Access XCL Comp Mountain Bike Frame - Mountain Bike Frames

    I had one but had to refund it to get the money needed for another part, but I compared it to the Reken.It's lighter and seems better built.Just watch for QC issues though...one of the disc tabs was drilled slightly off center on my 18.5 size frame.But Performance is real good at resolving issues like that.Prolly just a QC mistake.But both the 26er and the 29er Access frames are sleepers.A lot of people will miss out because of the house brand name they bear.They are some really nice frames...if they had a major name on them they would sell for a whole lot more.In fact, I'm going back and pick another one up soon!

    ...But act quickly...they are discontinued I think.
    Performance sells the derailleur hanger for 10 bucks,It's the same model as the Reken's...just silver not black.
    You might wanna dump the cheapo loose ball zero stack headset that comes with it and get a better one.(get a sealed bearing headset) and a performance forte seatpost clamp...better design.