Hi, for all the folks who have a XCR/i-drive or LTS bike, this manual was supplied by GT in the 2000's with the bikes, but can't be found anymore. I took on myself as a graphic designer and GT fan to re-edit and publish the manual, as many people around here are looking for information on servicing their bikes.

Took about 10-15 hours of work and lots of loving to make it happen, I hope you'll all enjoy it as much as I did.

There are two versions of this manual. The first one, "screen", is for reading on a display, like your computer, tablet, phone, etc. It has a linear pagination.

The second version is the booklet one, intended to be printed on regular Letter 8.5"x11" paper in your home printer, dual-sided and flip on the short side. The pagination is cross-linear, which means you will have page 7 and page 20 on the same side, but once you will stack all the pages on top of each others and fold in half, than staple at the spine, you will have a booklet where the pagination is now linear.

The documents can be found on this page, at GT Bicycles | Manuals and tech documents and you can email me trough my profile page if you have questions, comments or inquiries.

Also, as the forum's server crashed recently, all of the threads here with pictures and instructions regarding i-drive, LTS, STS and such service and maintenance informations have been lost, I would suggest that this thread get sticky'd and that all the info previously posted be re-posted here (most of it by gt jorgito) so we can gather as much as possible in one place.

Enjoy !!