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    GT Series Tequesta

    Hi Guys! first of all my lenguague is not english so im sorry if i misspelled haha.

    I found this bike working on a old garage (I'm from Argentina) Im not a well know it of bycicles but im been fixing it like a hobby!. Looking on the internet i found this bicycle is from a well know it company but is not exactly like the ones i found on google images ^ it says is a Gt Series Tequesta so i gonna leave 3 photos to you guys and you maybe can tell me something, maybe they just put the stickers but i prefered to ask you guys.
    GT Series Tequesta-img_20150403_130433.jpgGT Series Tequesta-img_20150402_153243.jpgGT Series Tequesta-caec8kbwcaanckf.jpg

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    Yea that is not a tequesta or any GT, just some bike they put stickers on.
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