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    GT DHi Reference Thread

    I bought a DHi frame and am building it up... some details have been a pain to figure out, so I thought I'd post the info I've found out so far here... and anyone else that has anything to contribute can do so. This is for the 2007 model year, and applies to other years... but I'm not sure which. I think 2004-2007

    Chain guide

    e13 made a custom chain guide for the DHi which is near impossible to find. I found a work around after contacting e13. See the first photo.

    "The DHi did use a custom, floating 08 gen SRS guide that worked quite well back in the day. Unfortunately this guide is no longer available, as it was a limited run for the OEM rig and we've sold out of them since.

    One of my coworkers had built up his with a 36T SRS+ a few years back, and the guide should work just as well as long as it is clocked a bit more 'forward' than per the instructions. I do not believe that the 40T version of the guide has enough clearance. This is likely your current best bet. You would want the ISCG-05 version of the guide, as it comes with the BB mount adapter you would need."

    Axle Sizes
    20mm front, 12mm rear. 150mm rear axle spacing.

    Bottom Bracket
    83mm shell width

    Rear Shock
    Frame specifies 9.5x3.0

    Front Forks
    1 1/8 thread less headset with external cups

    Frame Bumpers
    See my thread here. Using dual crown forks on the DHi will require bumpers of some sort, otherwise the forks hit the frame at full lock. I used pipe insulation. See second photo.

    To be continued as my build goes...
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    Do you have a Manual for this bro?

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