Hello GT guys,

I was wondering maybe you guys can help me with my dilemma...

I had the chance to test ride the 2007 (and 2008) Avalanche 2.0 - it's a super nice ride and l like the frame, having said that, l am 5'5 with 28" inseam and need size S no doubt..... however I don't have enough stand over clearance..... l had the chance to ride 2006 Avalanche 2.0 size S a couple of years ago and l am pretty sure the frame was smaller than the 2007. l know GT redesigned the 2007 frame compared to the old 2006 frame but did the stand over height has changed as well ?
When l was at the LBS they had the 2006 Avalanche size M and 2008 Avalanche size M,
l had a few minutes to compare both bikes and the 2008 was much bigger !
l could tell by just looking at the top tubes of both bikes.... l thought maybe the tires were thicker but still, it was a huge difference..... despite the fact l have not tried the 2006 recently enough and the fact l was thinking of ordering the bike online l am leaning towards the 2006 as it comes with the RST Omega with the 80-120mm travel and it will probably will provide me a little more stand over clearance compare to a 100mm fork.
For the record, l also tried the 2008 Outpost and l had enough stand over clearance and it looks like the old Avalanche frame...
what do you guys think ???