Bought a Karakoram off of Evil Bay a few weeks ago thinking that it was 20", I really ride a 22.5 but can get away with a 20". The seller and I did not know how GT measured their frames, hence, I ended up with an 18". Now I know. The seller completely misrepresented the condition of the bike. I was upset thinking that I was out $210 for bike. However, I have given up cruising ebay and today celebrates 2 weeks of sobriety. I was spending an average of an hour a nite looking at bikes and bass guitars. Now the even part a coworker of mine tells me that he has a buddy who has a 22.5" 1993 Karakoram that he wants to get rid of. He was going to give it to his son-in-law, however, the bike was too big for him as the son-in-law in 5'9". Soooooooooo...we swapped out bikes no charge nothing. Now I have a beautiful '91 Inferno Karakoram!!!! I couldn't be happier. God is Good!!!!