Just wondering what's the maximum fork length my 2001 GT Ruckus 1.0 can take. I e-mailed GT via their website and this was the reply that I got:

"Iím sorry, but we donít have detailed specs for pre-bankruptcy (2001) models. We do not, however, generally recommend increasing travel beyond the original spec. A longer-travel fork can negatively affect the bikeís handling and put stress on the head tube that it wasnít designed to take."

Not very helpful. It came with a 4.5" Marzocchi Z3 which I am looking to replace with a longer travel fork (maybe 5.5" or 6"). I temporarily put on a Z1 with 5.5" travel and I'm loving how it rides. However, I wouldn't want to put myself or my bike frame in danger - hence seeking advice here. I've consulted my fellow rider-buddies and they said 5.5" should be alright seeing that the 2001 ruckus frame is built like a tank. Any input would be much appreciated!