Just bought used peace 9r (09), and don't know a thing about singlespeeds. If curious, great shape for $330. Two questions:

1. I want to change the cog from 18t stock to 20 t to help w/ local hills. I don't even know what to order, there seems to be more going on in the ss world than I anticipated. Also, is there some tool that I will need (I have a chain whip, but need something to unscrew with I imagine)?

2. To set the rear wheel, do you just slide it back/tight by hand and tighten down the bolts? Or is there some sort of tensioner screw that I don't know about? I read about tugnutts, is that something that I should look into. NOBODY that I ride with has a ss (yet), so just need some ideas.

Local shop could probably help, but I'm not too cool about that since I didn't buy through them.