I have a 2003 GT Avalanche 2.0 non disc 26" mtb that needs new bearings and cones. I can get the bearings locally but can not get any usefull information about the cones anywhere. I contacted GT and they said with all of the ownership switching over the last few years that they have very limited information (the hubs were GT branded, maybe all terra) and no parts for that model year. GT suggested i try my LBS. LBS told me to buy new hubs without even looking at the old ones because "cup and cone hubs are crap". The inner races are perfect and actually the balls look good too. The only pitting is on the cones so i only wanted to replace the balls and cones.Eventually i will get a new wheelset, but that is much further down the road.

i measured the front axle which is 8.25mm x 108mm which i think is a 5/16th axle and 3/16"balls. I have not yet measured the rear.

If anyone has any info on the stock hubs, or what measurements specifically in relation to the cones i need to take, and where to go to find replacements, i would greatly appreciate it.