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    2001 Zaskar Team HT revived into the form of a SS rigid

    So a few months ago I made the decision to strip down my old GT and started selling it off piece by piece since I no longer rode it. Got a decent price for most of the parts until it came to the frame. I figured that for me to give up this sweet frame it would take at least a few hundred to make me happy about seeing it go. This way, I would feel like it went to a home where it was appreciated. No bites except for a few low ball offers after the auction ended for $100, $150, etc. I figured screw it, I'm gonna hang it on my garage wall so I can look at it as artwork while I work on my other bikes and/or just hang out.

    A few months go by and the SS urge hits me. Hmm, Do I build a new bike or do I revive that beautiful frame on my wall? The result....

    2001 GT Zaskar Team - Medium
    Surly 1x1 Rigid Fork
    Thomson 90x10 Stem
    Answer Pro-Taper Carbon Bars
    Thomson setback seatpost
    WTB Pure V seat
    Truvativ Stylo 1.1 Crank (32x20 gearing) *changing to 34x18 this weekend
    Hope Pro II hubs, Mavic 819 rims
    DT Swiss RWS 9mm Thru front, 10mm Thru rear
    Shimano SLX hydro's w/160 rotors
    Specialized Eskar Control 2Bliss 2.3 front
    Specialized Captain Control 2Bliss 2.0 Rear
    21.7 lbs w/platforms and Incredibell

    This bike is so fun setup like this! It just feels like a giant BMX bike
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    Looks nice, man! I am in the process of building my 2000 iDrive up as a SS. I'll have to post up pics when it is done!
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    Very nice work. I've always been a fan of the 2001 Team frames. At one time I had the road, I-drive, and Zaskar frames sitting in my garage. Loved all 3.
    2009 GT Marathon Team,GT Force 2.0, GT Jelly Belly TT (nude carbon), and a very special Todd Wells Zaskar.

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    Thanks guys! I'm pretty stoked it worked out that I didn't sell the frame. It always was a fun bike to ride, but is even more so now.

    Can't wait to see your iDrive built up SS LilJr!

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    it is for sale

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