I'm trying to sell my I-drive Team rear shock but before I try and put it on ebay, I'd like to see if anyone is interested in here. It is for the I-drive Team, Race, Pro, Marathon of 2000ish I-drive style. I'm only asking for what I paid to have it PUSHED which was around $150 bucks If anyone is interested let me know. I take Paypal or if you live around the Oklahoma area I can always meet you half ways. I really like the shock but I'm gonna try and convert it to a 4in. travel bike and the $150 will help to go towards and RP3 fox. If anyone knows the price of the float shock on ebay alone is over $100.00 so I'm sure you all know this is a bargain. If you guys want pics go ahead and PM me. Thanks guys and gals. Happy New Year.