Tulsa-ok Area Riders

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  • 09-11-2016
    Dude it's so dry right now it could rain 2" and you would still be able to shred the day after. Turkey drains really well.
  • 11-08-2016
    Am I the only person who would love to see the fallen tree removed towards the south end of Ho Chi? While I'm not for dumbing down trails and hate how Ho Chi has changed over the years as people have kept taking wider and wider lines around hard areas, but that stupid tree ruins the flow. It is up hill and hard to get speed to hop if you're going south bound and it's right around a tight corner if you're headed north bound.

    On a side note I'm glad to see some rain since Snake is becoming a sand pit.
  • 11-12-2016
    To whoever removed the tree, thank you.