Sound off in St. Louis

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  • 11-26-2012
    Sound off in St. Louis
    Anybody out there in the 'Lou? I'm originally from the area, but moved to Phoenix a year ago. Got into mountain biking while I was out there. Had to come back to help my parents out with an illness for a while. I've been trying to hit the singletrack as much as I can, weather permitting. Greensfelder is my favorite, but Chubb is fun too. I really like the Declue, Eagle Valley, Dogwood Loop at Greensfelder. I need to check out Castlewood one of these days.

    I've been thinking about a trip to Potosi later this week since the weather will be good. Maybe Thursday to Sunday morning. Gotta be back on Sunday for something. I'm thinking I want to ride Berryman, Council Bluff, and Middlefork Loop. Maybe camp one night at Berryman and two nights at Council Bluff.

    If anybody wants to join me, either camping or just coming down for a day trip, post up.
  • 11-27-2012
    Keep my name down starting in the summer of next year.
    I'm recovering from an injury and needing another bike atm.

    Welcome back.
  • 12-06-2012
    I'm from St. Louis. But I'm a novice and would probably just slow you guys down
  • 12-06-2012

    Originally Posted by richulr View Post
    I'm from St. Louis. But I'm a novice and would probably just slow you guys down

    Everybody starts somewhere. I'm no high speed/low drag ninja myself. I can climb okay, but I'm pretty timid downhill. You wanna hit Chubb or Greensfelder sometime, let me know,
  • 12-06-2012
    We were down at CB the Friday before Thanksgiving. It was great. Just keep posting someone will chime in. We start riding gravel this time of year so the singletrack traffic slows down a bit.
  • 12-12-2012
    Just waiting on my new Superfly to arrive. My old one was just stolen :( I'll PM ya when I get up and going. Eta is currently sometime in February, but I'm hoping to receive it earlier.

    Greensfelder is my favorite too with Lost Valley being a close second. Castlewood is okay, but can get really crowded with pedestrians.
  • 12-13-2012
    Check out to meet local bikers and other organized rides. Also (local trail building organization) and (MTB racing organization).

    Greensfelder is the best and keeps getting better thanks to GORC, happy trails!
  • 12-14-2012
    Hi I'm from St. Louis. Just bought my first 29er, a 2012 Scott Scale Team. I've only done Castlewood as it's real close and I'm just trying to get used to riding again, especially on a 29er now.
  • 01-11-2013
    Check out SLAMB (St. Louis Area Mountain Bikers) They setup and organize tons of rides and are a great group of folks to boot.

    St. Louis Area Mountain Bikers (Maryland Heights, MO) - Meetup