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If you've ever ridden Berryman then you can probably remember the ever-wet mud bog zone known as the Harmon Spring area. The Ozark Trail Association has gotten Forest Service approval to finally reroute around this quagmire. The reroute is looking to be almost a mile in length.

Details:The Ozark Trail - Events -- choose the April 28 mega event....


Reposting on behalf of Ozark Trail.


The Ozark Trail will be rerouting the Harmon Spring muddy section at Berryman, you know, the section that is muddy when it's 100 degrees out and hasn't rained for a month. This is on the Western side (also the Courtois section - used on the BTEpic) and GORC has agreed to take on maintenance of the Eastern side as Adopt-a-trail stewards so I'm hoping to show OTA that mtbers care about our very own IMBA epic in Missouri.

I've been making contact with them to ensure we all benefit from continued design and construction of multi-use trail. Jim Davis is on the board and a GORC member and I'm an acting liaison between the groups. Things are looking bright and recently the Ozark Trail has worked out a deal with the Forest Service to include the entire Berryman loop and Council Bluff loop as designated sections of the Ozark Trail. This is great for bike tourism as future OT maps will include these very popular backcountry loops.

Back to the workday at hand...

The reroute is looking to be upwards of a mile in length. If you've ridden the other reroute you know the new stuff is pretty nice.

Here's the info. You can camp for free and then ride Berryman on Sunday... A few GORC folk are signed up but we also have a big project at Matson Hill going on that same weekend.

50 slots left as of today out of 150 available. Going fast.

Thanks for any support,

Matt Hayes


Help Make Berryman MO' Better!
If you have ridden the new western side of Berryman and loved it then help us do more!

Another 1.5 miles of New Berryman will be getting built in April!


The OTA is hosting a Mega Event - Looking upwards of 200 Trail Builders on a single day! Please help me show that Cyclists do more than ride the trail!
Details:The Ozark Trail - Events -- choose the April 28 mega event....

04/28/2012 08:30:00 AM

Yes! This is ALWAYS the one event of the spring that we just can't wait to have happen!!!! We are SOOOOOO excited because the Alpine Shop sponsors this AMAZING day of fun, along with trail construction and more fun, along with an AWESOME raffle, silent auction and we bet......a FREE pair of SMARTWOOL socks!!!!! We'll also be headquartering out of Bass's Resort which means FREE camping!!!

This event always fills up fast so make your plans NOW and sign up today! Saturday, April 28 will be here before you know it!!

Post back here if you think you can make it.