Anyone want to meet us and show us the best local loops? We've raced Perry & Clinton earlier this year, and Landahl many years ago.... but never Swope. And I miss Landahl.

We got a group of 4 coming down, departing Omaha at 6:30am, heading to Landahl first (unless someone suggests otherwise).

Anyone want to meet us at Landahl or Swope to show us the best lines? We're all racers but we don't plan on pinning it. Just want to ride some rocky technical stuff. We like our Omaha trails but we don't have much rock up here, and we miss it!

Email me at or txt/call me 402-415-9071

Or if anyone has GPS files of the trails, send them my way! I don't anticipate getting lost, but I want to make sure we ride trails in the "most fun" direction and connect trails to make the longest loops possible at Landahl and Swope.

Advice is appreciated! A good riding partner/guide or two may be rewarded with beer!