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    Lawton / Fort Sill Mountain Biking: What bike to bring????

    I just got word that I may be moving back to Fort Sill / Lawton. It's been about 10 years since I last lived and rode there. I recall many of the trails being reasonably technical.

    I am considering buying a longer travel bike if I do head out there. I currently have a Santa Cruz Tallboy 29er with 100mm in the rear and 120mm up front.

    Would I be better served by something with more travel--like a Tallboy LT that has 135mm?

    Like I said it has been a long time since I rode there and that was before I got into full suspension bikes.

    What are most people riding out there? I assume they are probably riding 29ers with travel in the 130mm range (Stumpjumper etc)



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    First of all, welcome back. You will be amazed-pleased at the progress (trail building) that has taken place since your departure. Yes there is an abundance of technical trails (in over & near Medicince Park), yet there is also a new 6 mile cross country loop on the west side of Lawtonka.
    That being said I personally have found that my TallBoy Regular ( 100 mm rear - 120 front) is "in my humble opinion" PERFECT for our trails. Yes it's bumpy out here, but I have yet to need more Cushion than 100mm, unless you are a dedicated downhiller, and plan to wear shoulder pads-knee pads and have an excellent insurance plan, and want to take straight lines down massive boulder fields, cause that is certainly possible here. Otherwise your Tallboy Regular will excel.
    Once again see soon & welcome back-
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    I've been here since August, and have found my 26in Gary fisher hifi to be sufficient. 29in wheels would definitely make things a little easier, and is what most people have, with suspension somewhere in the 120-130mm range.
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