If you could please spare a few minutes and help Elm Creek out by going to this link https://www.facebook.com/BellBikeHel...28716427271717 and voting for Elm Creek under the pump track projects? While you are in there if you want to vote Mid-West by selecting Hobbs Hallow for Flow trail project and Copper Harbor for Down Hill trail project; that would be awesome!
I have been working very hard on this project with the Non-profit group MORC (Minnesota Off Road Cyclists) as well as Three Rivers Parks Department and I know the other Mid-West clubs have been doing the same. We are nearing the end of the voting campaign and need everyone’s help. Please take the time and vote. If you would want to help more, please pass this along to your friends and family. Voting ends on 4/12 and winner is announced on 4/19 at Sea Otter! The Mid-West needs this attention to show people how awesome our trails are here!
Thank you!