Carlos' Denali Highway Gravel Grinder is about as underground as you can get. Grassroots, baby! That's why it's the ride to be at this weekend. Only Alaska funhogs will be there. It's totally worth the drive. Rides like this in Kansas attract hundreds of riders; way too crowded. And they don't get the magnificent views of Deborah and Hess (damn flatlanders) like we do!

If you're still not convinced, LOOK AT THE PICTURES!!!!

Alaska DOT just graded all the washboard off the hwy. Put a low tread on your mtb and lock the suspension out, or grab your cross bike with 28mm or 32mm. The Denali Highway is faster than you think!

If you want 200Km of randonneuring credit, see Carlos before the ride. This course is an internationally sanctioned ACP 200Km brevet course as well. He'll have all the magic paperwork so you can ride it brevet style.

Carlos is out with another great ride. The guy just never stops!
Hail to the chief of Alaska grassroots riding! Thanks, Carlos!

Alaska Randonneurs