I put my ride today up on Strava and I chuckled at the results.

<iframe height='405' width='590' frameborder='0' allowtransparency='true' scrolling='no' src='http://app.strava.com/runs/8888608/embed/d6499da51d6da24792507fb62818d1b873ea4499'></iframe>

I got 2nd on a short climb that I set as a segment quite some time ago...but there are only 2 other people recorded as having done that segment. I created 2 new segments, one of which is a downhill, and I got 2nd out of 2 on that one - there was a downed tree on that one I had to dismount for. The other segment I added was another climb, and Strava didn't find anyone else who had done that climb. wtf? Very strange, IMO, as the network is a tight network and while there are a couple of options, they're all fairly short.

I wasn't really trying on the one segment with the 2 other riders. I was just out for a cruise. It has been awhile since I've been on the mtb. Have spent a lot of time on the commuter lately, so my tech skills were a little off and not choosing the best line has a big impact on speed through a section.

I'm fixing my chain tonight and will hit the trails again tomorrow to try to get a more full ride in. Less than 6mi just doesn't cut it for me. I'll upload to Strava again and see where I wind up on the segments list.