i am looking into buying two sets of computers, one for me and one for my father.

occasionally we ride each others bicycle, and i thought that it could be nice if we could swap the computer head as well (so mine could record my overall distance and such regardless of the actual pair i am riding).

after looking at several different models i like the sigma DTS line the most, but i would like a backlit model (1606 and up) and my father could do with the 1106.

i realize that id have to swap one of the sensors from a grey one to a red one so the grey would show as bike 1 and the red as bike 2 on both pairs, and that some model specific features would not work on other models (cadence only on 1606, hrm only on 1706-2006).

but as for as actual mounts go, and the speed sensor- are they all compatible?