We all love things that are free, but sometimes it's hard to get pertinent data from the free programs out there.

I recently downloaded something called Golden Cheetah. It's been mentioned a few times on the forums, but I thought I'd give them a shoutout.

Golden Cheetah: Cycling Performance Software for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows

Pretty cool - it includes a fatigue/training effect calculator, something I'd missed when I stopped using my Polar, support for Garmin and a bunch of power meters, the ability to break rides into intervals and separate GPS tracks after the fact, and more cool charts (including histograms, available by interval or for the whole ride!) than you can shake a stick at.

What all that means is that I can do a Brick (yeah, I hate myself,) pushing the "lap" button between sections, then break it into a run, transition and ride after the fact. Or, I can do a running workout with a warmup and cooldown, and then get data for the running portion distinctly from the warmup and cooldown portions.

Basically, if you're doing structured workouts and want to be able to see from the file if your workout was doing what it was supposed to, this is your piece of software.

Much faster (and better priced) than using trainingpeaks.com to do the same thing, and highly functional in the absence of power data. It also does pretty much all the ride analysis stuff that Strava Premium does.