OK, I have to state, I bought one of the first out, so that could be part of what is playing into the things I am seeing, but I wanted to know if anyone else is seeing this.

1- Snapping Axles--I am guessing so since they are going from a 9mm internal axle to a 12 mm in the new generation of them. This has not been a huge problem really, as Saris is great in their customer service and has taken care of me every step of the way. And each time it has happened, I have been able to finish a ride, albeit with strange power readings.

2- Inconsistent Power Readings versus other systems. When compared to an Ergomo, SRM or to another Power Tap, my power levels versus HR are drastically different. the Power Tap disc always reads 30-50 watts lower. This is a pretty large margin in my mind. It would not be such a problem if I could at least get consistent readings between my MTB and Road bike power meters, but there is variation there. We have checked positioning and everything, and things are spot on, so we really think this is related to either a false low reading on the PTD or a False high Reading on the other meters.....with the first option the more likely. The biggest problem with this is only in transferring between bikes, not in having consistent readings on the mountain bike. Because of this, I have just been using the PTD exclusively for all training....which leads to the next problem......

3- When put in the trainer, the power reading levels are almost worthless. For instance, if at a HR of 170 I am producing 300 watts on the bike climbing a hill or powering a flat on the road/dirt/real life cycling, I am producing 250 watts on the trainer at the same HR level. This has been sustained and consistent with the equipment, so I am hesitant to discredit this as bad day or indoor training boredom or anything else. I think it may be related to the pressure on the axle ends of the power tap hub, but I have to say, I have no idea. The problem here is as you can imagine, my training zones shift. What is supposed to be a tempo workout becomes a threshold workout if you follow power guidlines....as such, I am having to use the HR levels.....but I own a power meter...strange.

Thanks for any help you can offer,