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    I am a part of a team that is developing a bicycle theft deterrent, recovery and tracking product. We have created a short video, could you please help us out by checking it out.



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    You're not seeing any response because, frankly, we don't know what to say.

    A couple of young "to be" UND grads (my alum, BTW) who are full of piss and vinegar have a seemingly great idea but they don't share anything that spills the beans. There's nothing to go on in your vid. What is it, some new-fangled lock, a GPS, some sort of recovery database, what?


    Seems more like marketing hype than reality.

    If you want our opinion, give us the goods, don't waste our time.

    I'm not being mean-spirited, I'm being honest - which is, I believe, what you are after. Come back after you've decided you can share your idea.
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