I am new to the forum and going to start being a consistent MTB rider now. I originally rode and raced dirtbikes since I was 5 and I used Mountain Bikes as a training tool for Motocross. However I am in the Marine Corps as well and now I am stationed in Iwakuni Japan where Motocross is not big at all and it will be pretty much impossible to ride. I am now going to be an avid MTB only rider. My little 100$ basic GPS wont work for this place so here is what I need:

I would basically like a GPS that mounts to the handlebars, can navigate me fairly easily through surface streets (as I will need to start on the streets first to get to the trails), and can save routes and upload to a computer.

I would like to try to stay around 200$ but if i must i will spend 300$. I am not at all concerned about buying a used couple year old GPS that used to cost a lot.

-Thanks for the suggestions in advance